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A Message from our General Manager

I joined Audi West Ottawa as the General Manager in August of 2016. I consider myself a car aficionado and for many years, this passion has been a stress relief strategy that allowed me cope with demanding Federal Public Service assignments.

More than 25 years ago, I met the Mrak family as a client, and I developed a natural affinity and friendship, recognizing their strong work ethic and drive to develop and nurture longstanding customer relations. The Mrak’s support of social causes and their attachment to the art community are also examples of a successful business giving back generously.

The Audi West Ottawa dealership on Hunt Club has been in operation for over ten years. I am impressed with the professionalism and the depth of our team. Our employees are driven by an unquestionable commitment to excellence. We always strive to surpass our current performance. We support each other and work hard at keeping our clients happy. The Audi product line is of outstanding quality. It is engineered with precision and every car undergoes strict quality control protocols. Despite that reality, it is quite natural that a customer may from time to time, face technical issues or deficiencies. It is in those moments that we are measured. Our overarching policy is one of transparency in doing a proper diagnostic of the issue, fairness in establishing the cost to be accrued and guaranteeing the work performed. I have been part of a number of discussions where a technical issue can be very challenging, or for that matter, a divergence of opinion may arise as a result of work that we carried out. In all cases, our team cares for you, and we will go the extra length to find a solution that is mutually acceptable. At all times, I am available to review an issue with you. This is our commitment to excellence and we stand by it.

Before joining the Audi West Ottawa team, I had a career in the Federal Public Service where I occupied a number of Senior Management positions in a variety of Departments. My last assignment was Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Before that I was Deputy Minister of Public Work and Government Services. I was also President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Deputy Commissioner of the Canada Revenue Agency. I have a science background in Biology and Hydrology. My hobbies include sailing on Lake Ontario, fly fishing and physical activity.

You are always welcome to meet me and have a coffee!

Francois Guimont
General Manager
Audi West Ottawa