Audi Universal Traffic Recorder

Offer Ends: 2019/08/31
Audi Universal Traffic Recorder

So much more than a camera.

Whether you’re driving on the road or parking your vehicle, you can benefit from an extra pair of eyes.

Progressively designed and providing reassurance against the unexpected, the Audi Universal Traffic Recorder is a state-of-the-art recording system that captures views ahead and behind your vehicle.

Ergonomically designed, it fits unobtrusively within your Audi’s interior, hidden behind the rear-view mirror where it poses no distraction for you or your passengers. The best part is, you can easily manage the device right from your smartphone with Audi’s special app!

Added bonus – many insurance companies offer premium discounts to drivers with this type of safety technology in their vehicles!

Until August 31st, purchase your Audi Universal Traffic Recorder today for just $1,249 + tax including installation!

That’s a savings of $400!

Contact our Service Department today to purchase and install your Universal Traffic Recorder today!

(613) 723-1221

*Suitable for all models except TT and R8.
Offer ends July 31st 2019
Audi West Ottawa does not facilitate insurance discounts on your behalf. Talk to your insurance provider to discuss any available discounts with this technology.

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